Friday, 23 March 2012

Sugar Baby Love!

You won’t believe this but the veteran beech tree in Warley Woods has a sugar habit! It’s addicted to the stuff!

Viv Cole, Warley Woods’ Trust Manager told welovebearwood that they’ve been worried about the OAP tree for quite some time as it was very sickly. They tried all kinds of remedies and were particularly concerned about the tree during the dry spell last year.

The Trust haven’t given up though and have found that by feeding the tree special micorrhizal fungus to encourage root growth and sugar (yes, you heard right....SUGAR!) the tree’s rejuvenated and it’s acting like its 21 again! Warley Woods need lots of sugar to help the veteran beech tree keep its good looks.

Alan Reynolds of Warley Woods Trust has said that “We very much want this to be a community supported activity, so we are asking members, supporters and volunteers to bring a bag of sugar to the pavilion over the next month or so. We will then arrange a date in the spring to mix all the donated bags of sugar into a solution that can then be watered into ground around the tree. “

So please remember Bearwood bring your bag of sugar to help Warley Wood’s old beech tree.

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