Thursday, 16 July 2015

It's coming home!

Photo Credit:  The Bearwood Blog

This very time-ly announcement comes courtesy of Bob Piper's Bearwood Blog (read it here!)...thanks Bob!
Via Derby, where it's gone to be lovingly restored, the Chamberlain clock will be returning to its rightful home in Bearwood in the next few months.  It's been outside Marks and Spencers in Birmingham for the last 30 years or so.
The clock has a very interesting history and via Bob's blog we found out that the the clock was
"one of Birmingham’s prized “Chamberlain clocks”, installed outside the Kings Head coaching station in 1900.
With its gas-lit dials and horse trough, the clock helped to service and monitor first the trams, and then the buses, plying the routes through Bearwood and Harborne. When the King’s Head became a major stop-off point on the Outer Circle bus route in the 1920s, such a clock was much in demand.

In 1971 it was removed for road widening, and for the last few decades has stood looking slightly forlorn and out of place in a shopping mall in the City centre."
Thankfully it's now coming home!

Photo credit: The Bearwood Blog

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