Wednesday, 3 June 2015

The Lost Bears!

Another post we couldn't wait to share with you from We Are Bearwood.

"So you heard that two of the bears went missing from the Bear Trail?  Well Joel, aged 9, has written a wonderful story for us about what the bears have been up to – and it seems they’ve been on a shopping spree!  Full of some great writing and even a poem and a song, we love this story – thank you Joel for helping us see the funny side!  A little prize will be making it’s way to you very soon! "

“The Bearwood Trail”
At the dead of night, when no one was watching, the Warley Pacers bear and the Abbey Junior bear transformed into REAL bears.
Bear decorated by Abbey Junior School children. Last seen at the Bullring!
They were both following the Bearwood Trail, and found themselves going the same way. They weren’t looking at their surroundings, just the trail map. They then bumped into each other and SCREAMED. As they were bears, this is what their screams sounded like: “ROOOOOOOOOOOARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!”
They both knew each other, they were actually friends. So they decided to hang out for once. They wanted to go to THE BULLRING!

Oh how they both dreamed to go to the Bullring. It was a risk to sneak out to a place like THAT at night! Or was it? Well, YES, it definitely was! It was raining cats and dogs already. No, SERIOUSLY, it’s not a figure of speech in this case. They saw an army of frighteningly fat cats and dogs about to land on them. The two bears were quite surprised. Their jaws dropped, which made them look like they were about to eat a large Wheetabix. Though soon, they realized that it wasn’t raining cats and dogs. It was actually a large team of cats and dogs that was led by a weird dog that was no bigger than eleven Macbooks, and no wider than seven, small babies. The two bears feared that that was what he’d been eating lately!

The Warley Pacers bear, allegedly on the run with the Abbey Juniors Bear!

They realized that they should run when they saw the look on the big dog’s face that was probably trying to say:
“Right now we could eat a bulky Pukka pie
A piece of cheese as thin as string
and a small frog’s eye!
and all of Burger King!
A big chunk of YOU
and a brown, sloppy piece of p…”
The bears thought they should end the song they were playing in their little heads, (before it got gross) AND RUN!
They ran, and ran, all the way to the Bullring, and ran through the doors before they automatically shut and stayed like that ’til morning. However, the evil cat and dog army didn’t make it in time, so they bashed against the super, secure doors and went flying backwards into the local bins. However, now the cheeky, little bears could go and have fun in the glorious Bullring. They switched on all the lights, turned on the music and sang:
We’re inside the Bullring,
the place fit for a king.
Let’s try some sushi
and eat some jelly!
Lets try some doughnuts
and try samples of peanuts.
Lets eat that big bull made of jelly beans.
Which shall definitely fill me!
Lets try some new clothes
and some gadgets from Apple that we loathe!
If you know of any other young storytellers who want to share their story about the missing bears, please ask them to get in touch with We Are Bearwood.  You can email them at  They can't wait to publish them.

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