Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Just Williams

Despite, or maybe that should be because of, the now unlimited access to music that pretty much everyone in the world has these days it can be increasingly hard to find the musical diamonds in amongst the rough. The true classics that deserve to be listened to, not just for a few hours, days or months but for years and years to come. One such gem is Roughnecks and Roundabouts, and the chap behind it for that matter, Pete Williams. It’s almost obligatory to mention that Pete played a huge role in the recent Dexy’s revival but it’s his solo work that really deserves the attention.
With one fine solo album (2012’s SEE) already under his belt he’s back with another glorious collection of supremely soulful and personal reflections on life, love and friendship. With a voice that ranges deliciously from a post coital whisper through to a throaty testifying roar Williams tells tales of night’s ‘laced with gin’ (glamorous eh?) and his first job working / day dreaming in a factory in Oldbury (perhaps not so glamorous but to every ying there must be a yang right?). Lyrically witty (there are some truly great lines), refreshingly honest and played with all the gusto of an artist and band who are doing it for the pure joy of playing it’s frankly an essential release for anyone with a heart, soul and ears.  
The album’s out today on CD / download and (oh joy of joys) there’s a vinyl version hot off the presses too. To celebrate Pete and his band are playing a special gig at The REP Studio on Friday April 10th. Highly recommended. Tickets here!
PS: Oh yeah...one last thing...he’s from BEARWOOD too!

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