Friday, 6 February 2015

Save the Library!

Birmingham Library needs your help. The central Birmingham Library is under threat from council cuts. The impact, if passed, will result in:

- Opening hours reducing to 40 per week 
- No new books
- Limited access to computers and study space
- No library outreach work
- No school events 
- No children's story time
- No business or IP advice
- No school holiday activities 
- No funding for exhibitions or events 
- Limited access to city archives 

- 100 staff redundancies

... lets send a clear message that we disagree!

Join on Saturday for a rally outside the Birmingham Library to raise awareness and take our voice to the council. Whether you can come for 10 minutes or an hour, the more the better. There will be very special speakers, poetry, story telling, open mic, fancy dress, family activities, singing and much more to keep you entertained!

What else can you do?
SIGN THE PETITION and share with your friends & family ASAP:

Tweet: #Rally4LoB

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