Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Bearwood Jam

Bearwood's jamming and we hope you like jamming too!  

The Bearwood Jam's taking place on Sunday 14th September so we caught up with Bearwood's Mr Tom Naylor to find out more.

We've seen the poster for the Bearwood Jam.  What is it and when is it happening?

The Bearwood Jam is a extreme sports competition being held at Lightwoods Park Skatepark in Bearwood on Sunday 14th September from 10am till 4.30pm

We enjoyed watching the skateboarders perform at the Lightwoods Park May Day Festival earlier in the year.  What competitions are there going to be and how can people enter? 

The day will run the same as the event held at May with a few minor improvements such as longer times for each sport and more barriers for spectators .  

The categories for each competition are Scooter/Skate/Bmx, the Jam will be quite relaxed with prizes going out to 1st 2nd 3rd place, we will be also be giving out prizes for best tricks and riders of the day.

Can everybody join in?

Anyone can enter but you will only be able to use the park at certain time depending on what sport you do.

Here's the times:
SKATE 12-2
BMX 2-4

Is there going to be any live music or DJs and if so who's coming to the Skatepark?

Yes of course we have live music throughout the day warming up with Bearwood Promotor DJ Craig Goodall followed by Rewind Sessions Live and Tramps Night Club Worcester Resident DJ Nash, we also have Silk City Radio DJ Esstee playing the latest underground house, summer vibes and a lil bit of everything in between. 

Jam-tastic! Anyone else going to be there?

Oh yes, we also have live P.A performance for Beatboxing Extraordinare SID FX & our main headline act Dantanna who have recently been doing a lot for the Bearwood scene with their live performances at Bearwood Shuffle and Picnic in the Park.

Also I will be Hosting the days events just to keep everyone update with whats going on throughout the day :)

Before I go I would just like to say massive thank to Cherie O'Sullivan, Sandwell Council and all the sponsors that have got involved in the event, home to see everyone down there on the 14th September and remember its FREE ENTRY!  

In the words of Mr Naylor....ENERGY! ENERGY! ENERGY!

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  1. Cherie O'Sullivan20 August 2014 at 09:13

    Thank you Tom, looking forward to what will be a great event!
    Thank you to you for the organisation, for getting in touch with the sponsors and thank you in advance for hosting the event!