Wednesday, 11 June 2014


Have you got your Bearwood Shuffle flyer for this Sunday’s event ?

Turn it over and you’ll find a fish-tastic BOGOF voucher from those kind soles (of the lemon or dover variety) at Chamberlains Fish and Chips Quality Restaurant on Hagley Road. 

They’re also sponsoring the Shuffle for the second year running and on behalf of the friendly bunch, the Bearwood Promoters, organizing the Shuffle we would like to say a very big thank you to them.

The other thing which we are really excited about is that the Bearwood Bear will be making his debut appearance at Sunday’s Shuffle. 

Handmade by Chubby Pink Piggy Creations, the Bearwood Bear will be sold exclusively on Webb’s stall and all profits made will be donated to Bearwood based charities including Smethwick in a Stew, Bearwood Promoters,Birmingham and Black Country Wildlife Trust,  Warley Woods Community Trust, Bearwood Boys Brigade, Friends of Lightwoods Park and Friends of Thimblemill library. 

The big versions of the Bearwood Bear will cost £19 each and the smaller bears £12 each.  The Bearwood Bear is CE tested, safe for babies and big fans of welovebearwood. 

They are so cute.  Get yours quick before they all sell out!

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