Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Chess Mate?

Do you need a mate to play chess or backgammon with because you're finding that your friends and family aren't keen?  

Julie M Oneill was getting fed up of having this age old problem so she decided to see if she could start holding games evenings in Bearwood.

She contacted Ismail the manager at Coffee Junction to see if the cafe was a possible venue and hooray the first night will be next Wednesday, 2nd April.  

Julie told us that you'll be able to play and meet new friends between 6 and 9pm as the cafe won't be closing at its normal time of 5pm.

The cafe will have its own sets you can use but why not bring your own.  If you're not a fan of chess or backgammon, bring along Trivial Pursuit, Monopoly or Pass The Pigs instead!

For more details please contact Julie via her Facebook page here or contact Ismail at the Coffee Junction on 0121 428 5058 or by popping into the cafe on the corner of Bearwood Road. 

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