Thursday, 19 December 2013

Couple of Cherries

When Sorina Stallard contacted welovebearwood about her family business based in Bearwood we were very keen to find out more.

Sorina’s a bit of a newcomer to the area so it was wonderful to hear how much she enjoys living here, how she's helped local businesses and that she’s keen to enjoy Bearwood’s famous orange chips (mentioned in Frank Skinner’s autobiography of course!)

Please tell us more about your business, Couple of Cherries.

We are a family business and we love crochet, knitting, home grown vegetables, home made food and drinks and crafts generally. The idea to start a business came as we realised we were “popular” and friends kept on mentioning it so we thought we’d give it a try.

Where did the name come from?

Saying “couple of cherries” really fast sounds very much like “cu placere” which, in my Romanian mother tongue, means “my pleasure”. We felt it was the bridge between two cultures and also nicely highlights our work ethic.


Where can we see and buy your work?

We have a virtual shop on Etsy and people can contact us via FB and Twitter. Our products are also visible on Pinterest. We have a website that is currently in progress and will be released shortly.

Where does your inspiration come from and what do you like to make most?

Both mum and I are very curious and open to new ideas. We like making new things all the time so we read a lot and consult on a daily basis discussing new designs, colours, etc. I suppose we use each other as a sounding board and welcome influences from both Romanian folklore and modern, contemporary influences (going from cartoons to fashion).

What’s your connection with Bearwood?

We live in Bearwood and love it! Mum lives in Romania, but I’m hoping she will visit soon. My favourite in Bearwood has to be the Lightwoods park and the fabulous display of crocuses. I used to drive by every spring on my way to work and that was definitely the bit that would set the scene for a happy day!

What do you think of Bearwood’s craft scene?

We moved here a year ago and have started discovering. I think there is a lot to do here and even more to be done but I am keeping an open mind and I’d love some networking opportunities to allow interaction, etc.

What do you think Bearwood’s future is?

I like the multiculturalism and I think the future is as good as you allow it to be.If we all put together, I see no reason why future generations will not grow to appreciate, love and respect Bearwood and make it a successful and prosperous place to be, live and work in.

Please tell us your Bearwood All-Star. In other words what, who or where in Bearwood makes you smile?

My husband and I love going for breakfast or lunch at Anatolia’s. On our first visit, we noticed they didn’t have a FB page so I quickly set one up for them and started advertising on their behalf. Since, I have managed to speak to their owner’s son and transfer the ownership for the page and they are really taking off nicely. We also love going to Emporio for their excellent Tarama salata, a cup of tea or coffee and a good natter. The owner is lovely and again, we set up their FB page and gave a bit of advice on how to market themselves, etc. We were ever so pleased to see our advice has been followed and they since have up to date business card including a QR Code which we advised them to get. We like to ask everyone this question.

We like to ask everybody this question. What makes Lightwood’s chippy’s chips orange?

I have to say: I haven’t got a clue! So sorry, we’ll have to put it on our bucket list to try and I’ll let you know next time!

You can find out more about Couple of Cherries on their Facebook page and their website

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