Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Don't lose your head!

On behalf of Warley Woods and Heartbreak Productions Bearwood is invited to join Alice in an extraordinary adventure on on Sunday June 16th at 3 pm.

Along the way you'll get to meet The Mad Hatter, The Queen of Hearts and hopefully The White Hare too.

Based on Lewis Carroll's classic, Alice - an Extraordinary Adventure promises to take you into a dreamlike world full of colour, song, rhyme, dance and magical adventure. Suitable for children and adults alike you may even get a chance to be involved in the play too!

Tickets are selling fast..don't be late and don't lose your head! Get your tickets straightaway online or by visiting the shop at Warley Woods Pavillions.

Warley Woods' Trust Manager, Viv Cole, has already got her outfit ready...

Photo courtesy of Express and Star

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