Tuesday, 12 February 2013

'Sew' impressive!

The Bearwood Tapestry celebrates its third birthday this month so we caught up with one of the founders (and a Crafty Mutha), Jennie, to find out more about what they get up to on a regular basis. Very crafty!

"The six of us Crafty Muthas (Ceri, Erin, Jayne, Jennie, Nat and Rachel) wanted to open up our regular crafty get togethers to others, so back in 2010 we approached The Bear Tavern and arranged to have their upstairs room on the third Thursday of every month. And so, on a snowy February night three years ago, The Bearwood Tapestry was born. And it continues to go from strength to strength.

All are welcome, whatever your craft - knitting, crocheting, needlework, painting, jewellery making, even tapestry! You don't have to be a mum or a woman! We are equal opportunity crafters. The pub provides the space and the booze (for a price), we supply the cake (there's an honesty box), decoration (think bunting) and music (someone's ipod).

We've had over forty crafters attend some nights, and many friendships have blossomed. We're most proud of the fact that we've been able to support and encourage some local people as they've turned their hobbies into small businesses.

Jenny from Charlie's Mom's Chocolate Factory and Emily from Bead Savvy are two Tapestry regulars who are doing great things in our community and there are fab local artist makers such as Madeline Norris (Meeni), Lise Heeley and Caroline Jariwala (Mango Mosaics) that we're very proud to call members.

Just writing this is making me think that we should be getting some sort of grant - it's like a talented crafty hothouse. But most of the time it's just a giggle with mates, while trying to sew, in a badly lit room, having consumed too much alcohol!

We set up a Facebook page pretty early on and now have almost 300 members. Unlike some Facebook groups, 'The Tap' page is just one big warm, welcoming place where you can share views or ask questions without any of the usual online sniping. We promote events like Bearwood Handmade on there and many of the stallholders you see at those events are Bearwood Tapestry regulars. Why not check it out for yourself right here.

The dates of our next crafty social's are 21st Feb, 21st March, 18th April, 16th May and 20th June and they start at 8pm in the upstairs room of The Bear Tavern.  So come on, be there....or be a granny square!"

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