Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Snappy Talk?

In his spare time university teacher Marios Hadjianastasis runs Bearwood's Photo School, we managed to capture a few moments of his time whilst he changed his camera lens. 

"I have just set up Bearwood Photo School to bring together all budding and aspiring photographers in Bearwood.
The core course consists of 6 sessions, to be held at a Bearwood location (currently the Bear). In these sessions we will cover the basics of photography, helping people move from the Auto function of their camera to more advanced settings with ease.

Other courses include portrait and landscape photography, as well as wedding and event photography.
There will be plenty of scope for practice and collaboration, as well as the opportunity to showcase participants' work online (Flickr) and perhaps local exhibitions in the future.
I believe that this is an initiative worthy of support, as it will enhance the already existing creative trend in the area and hopefully provide a platform for new photographers. "

Rather than buying that naff Christmas jumper this year.....why not take up Marios' brillant idea of giving photography lessons instead. 

The jumper's just for Christmas the Bearwood Photo School lessons will last a lifetime!

"Why buy the usual things? The books, the DVDs, the unwanted jumpers. The cheese board you bought at ASDA because it was convenient. Material possessions which just end up being more clutter in your house. Give someone the opportunity to improve themselves this Christmas. Give the gift of photography courses to help someone (or yourself) develop their photography skills into an art. Make a real difference in someone’s life. Give a gift that keeps on giving."

Here's how to contact Marios "For more information on BPS, its courses and myself please see my website and there is also a Facebook page which will also be used for updates, right here!"

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