Wednesday, 26 September 2012

He came....he saw.....he coiffured!

It’s so true, you know, everything you could ever want is right here on our doorstep!

The welovebearwood team have had their hair cut, styled, coloured and unfortunately once scalped (ouch!) in Harborne, Moseley, centre of town etc and we have always found that we have the best hair and beauty salons in Bearwood.

Our personal favourite is Sezer Antonio on Bearwood Road (no 476 to be exact!). Every time we go there to get beautifully coiffured we come home with big smiles on our faces. Very friendly and helpful staff, endless cups of tea and coffee....we have never been disappointed.

Although the main geezer, Sezer, is a very busy man, he very kindly spared us some time between doing low lights and hi-lights to tell us more about his salon, mixing with the stars and what he thought of Bearwood.

So Sezer, why did you decide to open your hairdressing salon in Bearwood? How long has it been opened for?
Because compared to Harbourne and in the City Centre, Bearwood had better business prospects and the rent was the cheap and there was more opportunity to build a client base. Sezer Antonio’s has been open since 2008.

Where does the name Sezer Antonio come from?

The name Sezer Antonio is half Turkish and half Italian and it is also my name.

Have you cut the hair of anybody famous?

Rhydian from X Factor he came to the salon and Pamela Anderson in London

Why do you think people should have their haircut in Bearwood rather than in Birmingham or Harborne?

Because Bearwood has professional hairdressers of a high standards and it is also free to park and is easier to travel to.

Do you have any funny or unusual stories about things that have happened in Sezer Antonio which you could share with the rest of Bearwood?

The main story I feel that sticks out to me is that on the 1st of April one year I came to work and found that all my staff was getting ready to leave and told me that they were all walking out, I was extremely angry as they left. around 5 minutes later they all turned back up at the shop laughing at me as I had not realized it was April fools.

Do you think it's easy for new businesses to open up in Bearwood?

A few years ago, but as shops closed down on the High Street the business rates grew it will be harder to open a business now.

And what do you think Bearwood could do encourage more independent shops to open up in the area?

Lower the business rate and rent and introduce more up to date shops such as clothing shops.

Sezer, what changes would you like to see to Bearwood High Street? What do you see as the future of Bearwood?

No to let signs, better parking and more organised and I want to see more people within the high street.

We've heard on the Bearwood grapevine that you love acting. What do you particularly like about it?

I love acting because my father is a famous actor in Turkey and always wanted me to act and then I decided to start hairdressing. I occasionally act and I now use this as my hobby.

Do you think Turkish culture has much of a presence in Bearwood?

There are Turkish food shops and a Turkish eat in and take away along the high street.

This is our favourite question.  What/who/where makes you smile in Bearwood? What’s your Bearwood All-Star?

The friendly people that come into the salon or just generally passing by my salon and Anatolia café shop

Sezer ....we always like to ask this question! What makes Lightwoods Chippy’s chips orange?

The batter they use on their chips

Sezer ended our interview to tell us about the amazing offer currently available at his salon.

I would like to give the people of Bearwood 50% off all colours so that they do not have to travel as the high standards are kept up and the prices are low.

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  1. I too love Anatolia, Sezer. The Turkish breakfast is lovely. Also my dentist who works in Bearwood is a Turkish Cypriot, as is Antonio and Maria who who owns Vangelis. As it the opticians in Three Shires Oak Road. It seems we have a lot of Turkish culture in Bearwood. If only we had their weather!

  2. We agree with you there, Coral. It would be amazing to have some Turkish sunshine, we definitely need it.

  3. the best hair dresser in Birmingham.....

    1. Welovebearwood are big fans too!