Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Q&A with The Ritas

When welovebearwood contacted Helen and Olivia of The Ritas to ask if they'd like to do an interview with us we were delighted when they said yes.

We wanted to know all about the band, where they get their inspiration from and what they thought of the live music scene in Bearwood.

So we popped our questions over to them and didn't have to wait too long for an answer. And wow...what a reply we received!

But they've gone even further, they've made a film...showing them answering our questions too, which is so much more than we could have ever wished for.

The Ritas...we applaud you! You definitely deserve to be Bearwood All-Stars!

P.S. For more info about The Ritas please click on the following links:

The Ritas
The Ritas Facebook Page

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