Friday, 4 May 2012

Jane's Walk!

If you're out and about tomorrow why not join Bearwood's very own Jane's Walk. "What's Jane's walk?" we hear you cry. Here's the lowdown from the organisers:

Bearwood, alongside the likes of Barcelona, New York, Melbourne and Paris, is hosting one of 500 worldwide Jane's Walks this weekend. The purpose of the walk is to provide the people of Bearwood with an opportunity to raise the issues that they feel strongly about. To share what they like about Bearwood and also what they think might improve Bearwood for both residents and visitors. We will be looking at various aspects that affect day to day life in Bearwood including our experience of the shops, what’s it like to get around Bearwood, what is it like appearance wise and does it feel like a safe and pleasant place to spend time in.The walk is intended to be interactive, we will be taking notes and there will be opportunities to stop at various points to discuss some of the issues in more depth. 

More info here. And here's the perfect soundtrack for it all too (although I doubt you'll be walking 500 miles...)...oh alright, it's just a excuse to post a Proclaimers track. Altogether now "I wuld walk five huuuuuuuuundrrriiiiid miiles:

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