Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Bearwood Bargains!

You may have guessed it already Bearwood but if you look at the video from our last post about Bearwood Shuffle#3 being postponed you can tell that welovebearwood are big fans of Gene Kelly!  The man was a genius!
One of the best Christmas pressies I have ever had was a copy of Gene Kelly’s biography.  The book’s no longer in print so you can’t pop into Waterstones or even buy it from Amazon.  It took Mr B 3 attempts to purchase it off eBay. What a love!
eBay’s great of course but - and it’s a big BUT - you always have to make sure you’re around for the auction to finish and what if that’s at some ungodly hour, when you’re at work or school or on holiday.  You sometimes pay more for postage and packaging then the actual item you’re buying (that’s just mad!) and it’s happened to us so many times that you find exactly what you’re looking for and then get beaten to it in the last 30 seconds – AAARRRRGGGHHH!  It’s not good news for the seller either as eBay take a tidy slice of your profits.
Thank our lucky stars for the Bearwood For Sale/Free Stuff page on Facebook then.  Welovebearwood think it’s a fantastic idea. 
We’ve had a quick look this morning and it’s amazing what’s on there – Fender guitar, Early Learning Centre pizza set, cd collections, DVDs, washer dryer, even a piano – you name it it’s on there.  We’re sure you could buy everything you need for your home from there too.  You can even put your wish list on there of items you’ve been hunting and low for. 

As it’s for folk in Bearwood you know that you won’t need to travel to Swansea to pick up that valet/bicycle/70s space hopper you’ve been dying to find either! Best of all it’s free! So forget eBay and have a look at the Bearwood For Sale page instead!  Click on here for the link.

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