Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Walk the walk...

Based on the Brummie side of Bearwood (passports at the ready), Helen Gray who runs Pounce and Bounce loves animals. Turning this natural affinity into a business she now runs a Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Company and would love to help fellow Bearwoodians look after their pets.

Perhaps you feel that you never have the time to take your dog out for a nice long walk, especially now it’s getting nippy. Or maybe you’re at work all day and would love to know that there’s someone you can trust who would just pop in and check that your pet’s ok?

Cats, dogs, salamanders, giant African land snails (don’t think she’d take one of those for a walk though...might take a while), Helen’s happy to help - she’s fully insured (public liability and key cover), a member of the National Associates of Registered Pet Sitters, (NARPS) and CRB checked too.

If you’d like more info please visit Helen’s website or visit her on Facebook.

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