Friday, 11 November 2011

Bearwood All-Star: Haweli

I love going out for a balti because when I’m eating a good curry I always feel that I could never cook it as well and so cheaply at home.

Luckily for me my favourite balti house Haweli is just around the corner from where I live. I don’t get to go there as often as I would like but when I do I am never disappointed.

We went there last Sunday and the food was delicious – crispy poppadoms with minty raita, sizzling lamb shish kebab, fluffy warm Naan bread and spicy Chicken Jalfrazi all washed down with a nice cold Cobra beer. You can’t beat it!

Haweli is definitely one of my Bearwood All-Stars and I think lots of people would agree. My in-laws endured a 6 hour traffic jam due to the nasty accident on the M5 because you can’t get a good curry in Devon and even by 7pm on a Sunday night the restaurant was packed out.

Where is your ‘foodie heaven’ in Bearwood? Please email us at as we would love to know! My tummy’s getting hungry just thinking about it!


  1. I like the spice corner, its next door to what used t be jonathans. £7.95 set meal and always nice and tasty!

  2. Wow! £7.95 sounds like a real bargain. Will have to try Spice Corner soon.